Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday Card

It's been a while since my last post, mostly because I had to go visit family.  Not my favorite trip, but my grandmother is getting up there in age and I needed to go see her.

Today's card is a birthday card that I made for a friend a couple months ago.  At the last moment, it was decided that we would get her a different card to go with her theme.  I never wrote in it, so it will get used in the future.

I love the simple, yet elegant color scheme and it was so easy to make!  The lovely foil paper came from a pack one of my friends gave me called The Black Currant Stack (found at Hobby Lobby).  The rest is just basic black and white cardstock.  Cut the black cardstock to your card size - I used 6.5"x5" for this one.  I cut my foil paper half an inch smaller (6"x4.5") to get a nice border.  The center black square is 3 1/4"; the white square is 3".  Cut black cardstock into a 2"x5" rectangle for the background.  For the cake itself I started with two white pieces of cardstock - one 2.5"x1.25", the other 2"x1" - a clipped the top corners with my corner rounder.  I outlined the edges in black ink to make it pop a little more.  The pink foil on the cake was cut to width, then free-handed.  I added the dots and cake topper with a black craft marker.  Assemble and voila!

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