Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two in a Row!

Yes, aren't you incredibly lucky?  Two days in a row!  This is another birthday card inspired by the Mario games.  I just borrowed Mario Galaxy from my brother (yes, I know I'm behind) and am enjoying it so far.  Video games are really just a summer thing for me.  It gets really tricky playing them during the school year between classes I teach, classes I take, concerts, and all the extra stuff that comes up.  But during the summer, bring it on!

The mushroom was paper pieced together.  The only ink is the little hint of white on the eyes.  Getting "1 up" to look decent was a pain.  I wanted the original 8-bit graphic look.  So I took black paper and cut 1/4" strips.  Getting them to line up without tweezers was a trick!


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