Saturday, July 14, 2012


Remember that saying from elementary school?  "April showers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring?"  The first time it would stump your friends, but then it spread like wildfire - Mayflowers bring pilgrims!  That little saying was the inspiration for my April card.  I've never had a pair of rain boots, but I do remember having the cutest yellow and white checkered raincoat in elementary school.


All items were hand-cut and decorated.  I thought the hearts would be much cuter than just circles for the buttons.  The background was lightly/randomly brushed with a darker blue ink for a little contrast.  Mount it all together and you have the card for April!

May is the busiest time of year for me (well, maybe it's tied with late August).  It's the end of school and everything has to be wrapped up - this involves at least one evening concerts and two competitions in addition to the "normal" school stuff like grades, discipline, uniforms, and inventory.  That being said, I try to keep vibrant colors around me in May to keep me going.  I found the green paisley-patterned background piece in my scrap drawer and just loved it.  Then I thought bright pink and yellows would compliment it perfectly.  And according to my elementary school saying above, May means flowers!


I'm not gonna lie here, the flowers are glittery stickers that I inherited somewhere along the way.  I knew my green background scrap wasn't big enough, so I supplemented with the yellow.  Stickers added, card complete.  :)

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