Thursday, July 12, 2012


I know, I know!  It's July.  Which means hot and hotter weather, vacation, and (for me anyway) baby time.  However I did start working on next year's collection of monthly cards for my grandmother-in-law.  I have a few rules this time around though. 

1. Each card must have the month somewhere on it.  This is for my own sanity.  I've added "2013" to most of the cards just because I feel like it.  When hubby asked if I had sent a card at the beginning of the month, I would answer yes and then second guess myself.  Did I send a card?  Was it the "right" card?  Obviously it was easy to tell if it was holiday themed...

2. Cards fronts must be made of scrap paper only.  My scrap drawer is filled to the brim.  Seriously.  I must have liked the paper in there before, so surely I can use it again.  Embellishments, inks, stamps, whatever can go on top, but the paper MUST be from my scrap drawer.

3.  Take a picture as soon as I am done with it!  Because otherwise I will forget.  This means that these pictures are coming from my phone because my :"real" camera is packed in my suitcase ready to take the first pictures of the baby.  I am NOT going to risk getting to the hospital without the camera because I wanted good card pictures!

Yup, even the white paper is from the scrap drawer.  Navy blue background, white background, champagne paper.  The glass in the bottom right was outlined/colored with white ink.  I wrote 2013 to make it look like one of those souvenir glasses from the party stores.  I also made it glittery, but it's really hard to tell in the picture.


Ahh, Valentine's Day.  The papers are actually left over from a baby shower card I made towards the end of last school year.  I stamped the hearts in a slightly darker pink, cut them out, and added a little bit of glitter glue.  The pink strips at the bottom are three separate strips that I edged with the pink ink.  Took my corner rounder to the background paper, and the wavy blade on my cutterpede to the bottom bit of brown.  After that it was a matter of layering everything together.  (The month is in the bottom left corner, but it is extremely hard to see!)

More to come may be sporadic because baby is due any time now!

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